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1900 Pattison Ave.
Philadelphia, PA


American Swedish Historical Museum


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Accessibility Improvements

The American Swedish Historical Museum was founded by Swedish-American historian Amandus Johnson in 1926 to preserve Swedish-American heritage and history and to act as an educational forum. Architect, John Nyden, designed the museum building based on Eriksberg Castle, a 17th century manor house in Sodermanland, Sweden. All 14 exhibit rooms depict an assorted influential Swedish historical period and/or event.

Presently, at the Museum, there are physical barriers preventing the aging Museum membership, as well as, the physically challenged visitors access to many of its educational facilities. Campbell Thomas & Co. has been hired to effectively plan for the removal of those barriers and, in the process, improve the functionality of the building. This will be accomplished through identifying the location of a new elevator that will allow Museum staff to more easily transport exhibit materials, furnishings, equipment, and other large, heavy items which they are now either prevented from moving or which they must haul up the central staircase. Due to the Museum's various, yet minor level changes on two floors, accessibility to all exhibit rooms and restrooms will be solved with the installation of minor ramps. All accessibility alterations will be in keeping with the historical character of the building.