CT&C Home Architecture Brantwood II Apartments

Brantwood II Apartments


4142-44 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Brantwood II Associates / Parkside Historic Preservation Corporation


Community Devel. Block Grant 
Low Income Housing Tax Credits
Historic Preservation Tax Credits
Connelly Foundation Funding
Private Funding
Affordable Housing Funding from Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh

project description


Continuing the restoration of Parkside Historic District

4142-44 Parkside Avenue remain as the last vacant, severely deteriorated, highly ornate German Renaissance houses in the 4100 block of Parkside Avenue.

Originally built as private homes by developer Frederick Poth, these twin buildings have been transformed into 16 low-income apartments. Campbell Thomas & Co painstakingly rehabilitated the original exterior construction, while on the interior they incorporated an elevator into the new design and created units accessible to the disabled.

On the verge of total collapse, The Brantwood II Apartments transformation is yet another example of the developersí persistent rehabilitation of returning Parkside Avenue to its original grandeur.

As a finishing touch, The Brentwood (4130-40 Parkside Ave.), Brantwood II (4142-44 Parkside Ave.), and Brantwood (4150-52 Parkside Ave.) Apartments will be tied together with and attractive garden in the empty lots of 4146-48 Parkside Avenue.