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Significant Commercial, Retail, Restaurant Projects


13th Street Corridor Urban Revitalization
Location: 12th & 13Th Sts, Chestnut, Walnut, Passyunk, & Fairmount Sts. vicinity, Phila., PA
Client: Goldman Properties
Contact: Don Meginley, 215-735-2955
Completion Date: 2003
Notes: Specializing in urban neighborhood revitalization, Goldman Properties of New York City is redeveloping several abandoned storefront buildings mostly within the Chestnut through Walnut Streets area along 13th Street. CT&C was hired to assist with the design of various restaurants, retail shops and upper story residential apartments. Many of the buildings retain or are in keeping with their original storefront facades. These previously abandoned eye sores once again offer a long lost vitality to the area, as well as offer a safe connection route from the Market Street/Convention Center area to the revitalized Walnut Street restaurant and retail zone.

1500 Erie Avenue
Location: 1500 Erie Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Pinnacle Ventures, LLC
Contact: Donald B. Posner, 914-320-4944
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: CT&C was hired to provide limited architectural services for securing a general building permit for an interior fit out of a Laundromat in this building.

Center City Bicycle Facilities
Location: Central Philadelphia, PA
Client: Central Philadelphia Transportation Mgmt. Assoc. (CPTMA)
Contact: Tanya Seaman (now at PhillyCarShare), 215-386-0988
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: CPTMA retained CT&C to determine the feasibility of establishing one or more bicycle facilities in Center City, btw. Spring Garden and South Streets and from the Delaware to the Schuylkill River. These facilities would provide secure bicycle parking and other possible amenities to make bicycle commuting to Center City easier and more comfortable. Recreational bicyclists could also safely park their bikes to enjoy the city's many attractions and amenities on foot. CT&C also researched additional services such as bicycle repair and maintenance while-you-wait, and concierge service while-you-work; public transit and bicycle route maps; bicycle rentals; and establishing other compliment businesses, such as coffee shops, to serve as an additional security feature.

1920 Chestnut Street Retail/Offices/Apartments
Location: 1920 Chestnut St., Philadelphia PA
Client: Case Investments, Inc.
Contact: Nicholas Renzi, III, Renzi Property Management, 856-802-1301
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: Located in the Center City West Commercial Historic District, this Beaux Arts style building was constructed in the late 1890's as an addition to the Aldine Hotel. In the 1930's the building was refaced at the first and second floors and converted into an office building and sales floor for a Frigidaire Representative. CT&C was hired to transform the interior of this mostly vacant office building into a restaurant, office spaces and 18 loft type apartments. The 1930's two-story fašade and the upper Beaux Arts exterior was retained and cleaned in accordance with the Philadelphia preservation ordinance.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia Alterations
Location: 4223 Wayne Ave., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia
Contact: Jeffrey Waldren, Exec. Dir. 215-735-8818
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: Hired to perform limited architectural services, CT&C reconfigured the existing first floor space to better accommodate the Preschool Program currently operating there.

Bradley Builders Photovoltaic Office
Location: McNulty Dr. Byberry East Industrial Park, Philadelphia., PA
Client: Bradley Builders and Developers
Contact: Donald C. Bradley, Jr., 215-464-4780
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: CT&C provided site-planning services subdividing the existing property into 2 lots while conforming to the zoning code requirements. The site plan depicted one lot for the existing building and the other lot for the proposed Photovoltaics Facility. The plan was then presented to the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation for review and approval.

Cirque du Soleil
Location: Avenue of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Cirque du Soleil, Inc.
Contact: Sylvain Descoteaux, 212 750-7661
Completion Date: 2002 & 2001
Notes: This internationally renowned circus brought its extraordinary performance to a vacant site at Broad Street and Washington Avenue, the Avenue of the Arts southern entrance. For the past two seasons, CT&C assisted with obtaining the large array of permits necessary for such an innovative and temporary structure, while working within an extremely short time frame. Additionally, CT&C provided transportation planning services, identified public transportation resources, and designed and obtained permits for remote parking facilities.

Brazils Restaurant
Location: 112 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Wasseem Kalla
Contact: Wasseem Kalla, 215 413-1700
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: After purchasing an historic three story mixed use building, Wasseem Kalla hired CT&C to assist with getting the building up to code and with designing an appropriate storefront to be in keeping with the building's historical age. The existing commercial space in the basement, 1st and 2nd, floors and the residential space on the 3rd floor were in desperate need of adequate fire separation, egress solutions and accessibility features; while the exterior storefront alterations were subject to the Philadelphia Historical Commission's review and approval.

Pierre's Costume Store
Location: 211-13 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Pierre's Costumes
Contact: Ian Williamson, 610-688-6311
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: Owners of the costume shop purchased an old vacant two-story building with a storefront shop that was in need of renovations. With a vision of a new eye-catching storefront window and brightly lit, spacious shop to display their numerous selections of costumes, owner Ian Williamson hired CT&C to make their vision a reality. CT&C's architectural services included bringing the vacant structure up to building code requirements, designing handicapped accessibility, incorporating new vibrant lighting and extensive ceiling reconstruction for the creation of a mezzanine level.

Solar Light Office Expansion & Alterations
Location: 719-21 Oak Lane, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Solar Light Inc.
Contact: Saul Berger, 215-927-4206
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: CT&C was hired to perform a survey, provide as-built drawings, prepare a code analysis, create a preliminary design and prepare architectural plans and specifications. This work incorporated the client's wish to break through to their newly purchased adjoining building and combine the existing and new space for additional storage, calibration areas, offices, a production area, and a shipping/receiving area.

The Ugly Moose
Location: 443 Shurs Lane, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Ingerman Construction Company
Contact: Martin Spellman, 856-662-1730
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: Although the existing building was fitted-out for a restaurant, it was not in accordance with the Philadelphia building code. CT&C was hired to resolve the existing building problems with L&I, while working in a short time frame. The building had a non-compliant kitchen and bar area, as well as non-accessible restrooms. CT&C provided a preliminary design to the client and prepared the permit drawings necessary for L&I approvals.

Ursula Hobson-Fine Art Framing Shop, Gallery & Apartment Renovations
Location: 1600 Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA
Client: Ursula Hobson
Contact: Ursula Hobson, 215-546-7889
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: Having purchased and painstakingly renovated the deteriorating Pharmacy along with its upper apartments in 1998, Ursula Hobson was unaware of the 20% Federal historic preservation tax credit administered by the National Park Service for renovations to historic buildings that are 50 years or more old. The renovations included the transformation into a 1st floor art frame shop, a 2nd floor Gallery and 3rd and 4th floor apartments. Although the renovations were completed two years ago, the IRS allows 3 years from the time a return is filed to claim a credit. As a result, Ursula Hobson hired CT&C to complete the required historic preservation certification application for approval from the SHPO and the NPS. Since the client had taken photos prior to the renovations, carefully documented the progress of the renovations and had to acquire exterior renovation approvals from the Philadelphia Historical Commission, the application process could be completed according to Federal regulations.

Marathon Grill Ramp
Location: 1839 Spruce St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Marathon Grill, Inc.
Contact: Jay Borish, 215-988-0439
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: After the Marathon Grill, Inc., a well-known local restaurant chain, had purchased and converted the infamous Diner on the Square into the new chic Marathon on the Square, it was in need of a handicapped accessible entrance. CT&C was hired to perform limited architectural services for the design and construction of a new handicapped accessible ramp at the restaurant's only entrance. During construction CT&C had to plan accordingly to keep the restaurant open for business. Additionally, CT&C had to work with the Zoning Department to acquire a variance, work with the Department of Streets for numerous utility reviews and approvals, as well as work with the Historical Commission and local residents association for review and approval prior to receiving a building permit.

Wilbur Chocolate Factory Power Plant
Location: 230 N. Second St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Power Plant Productions
Contact: James Graham, 215-592-7272
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: 226-30 North Second Street stands as a reminder of the necessity of constructing owner supplied power sources up to the early 20th century, as was needed for production at Philadelphia's once famed Wilbur Chocolate Factory. This simple brick power plant with its protruding smokestack contributes to Old City's once thriving commercial and industrial past. Power Plant Productions hired Campbell Thomas & Co. as a Preservation Consultant to assist with the Historic Preservation Certification Application for renovating the building into a photo studio and rental office space, while restoring its existing historic interior and exterior features. As a result, the owner was able to receive a 20% tax credit for the renovations.

Triangle Containers
Location: Erie Ave. & E St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Triangle Container Corp.
Contact: Owen McNamara, Operations Mgr., 215-426-7110
Completion Date: 1999
Notes: CT&C was hired to plan and design the expansion of this container production plant. The expansion design and construction was carried out in three phases. Phase I- design and construct a single story addition to the east wall of the existing Plant, while keeping in mind the closeness of the neighboring building. Phase II-Enlarge an existing opening and cut a new opening for the moving of machinery. Phase III- Add another single story addition that would extend the Phase I addition towards Erie Avenue. Construction took place during an occupied, operating industrial environment.

Vacant Land Management
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Contact: Michael W. Groman, Manager, 215-988-8891
Completion Date: 1999
Notes: CT&C teamed with Fairmount Ventures, Inc. to provide recommendations on vacant land re-use options and neighborhood management systems that are feasible and could potentially be implemented on a city wide basis. The collaboration between the City of Philadelphia and neighborhood-based organization with support from non-profit and business communities as appropriate was a priority during this study.

The American Friends Center
Location:1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA
Client: The American Friends Center
Contact: Janice Knuth, Specialist on Disabilities Issues, 215-241-7237
Completion Date: 1998
Notes: The Affirmative Action Office of the American Friends Service Committee commissioned CT&C to conduct a survey of which was threefold: Identify barriers, develop cost effective solutions to barrier mitigation and develop a work plan consisting of a prioritized list of work items with associated costs. Thus, creating a Center which is accessible to as many persons as possible.

Brownfields Pilot Program
Project: Future Land Use Evaluations
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: City of Philadelphia
Completion Date: 1997
Notes: CT&C teamed with Powell~Harpstead, Inc. to provide consultation and assist in identifying potential future land uses that are consistent with the areas surrounding each of the five chosen sites in the City of Philadelphia. Land uses were identified by conducting a windshield survey of the areas surrounding the sites and using zoning maps. This information, evaluation of potential threats, and geotechnical investigations were also used to identify potential cleanup actions for each potential land use.

Rittenhouse Square Guardhouse
Location: Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia, PA
Client: The Friends of Rittenhouse Square
Contact: Wendy Rosen, 610-660-9922
Completion Date: 1997
Notes: This new guardhouse is similar in appearance to an 1873 Fairmount Park guardhouse, which stood at 25th and Green Streets. CT&C worked with Oak Leaf Conservatories Ltd. of York, England where the guardhouse was fabricated. It was later shipped to Philadelphia in sections and assembled at the site. The new guardhouse functions as a headquarters for local security in and around Rittenhouse Square.

Philadelphia Zoo Transportation Center
Location: 34th Street & Girard Avenue, Philadelphia PA
Client: The Zoological Society of Philadelphia and the Parkside Historic Preservation Corp.
Contact: Pete Hoskins, President, 243-5201/2
Completion Date: 1996
Notes: The new center was planned with the following goals in mind: Increase access and attendance to the Zoo from city and suburban areas in PA and NJ, reduce congestion on the Schuylkill Expressway and neighborhood streets, provide residents of Parkside, Mantua, and Brewerytown immediate access to the Regional Rail system, and increase SEPTA/NJ Transit ridership: both weekend Zoo visits, and daily commuting.

Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
Location: 3600 Market St., Philadelphia PA
Client: Comm. On Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
Contact: Virginia Maroun, former Exec. Director. 610-626-9580
Completion Date: 1995
Completion Date: 1997
Notes: Operating internationally, the Commission administers a standardized medical proficiency examination several times each year. Initially, CT&C worked with the staff at the national office headquarters here in Philadelphia to develop a flow chart of their operation. This chart was then used to create a floor plan. CT&C was again retained to design an area of private offices to accommodate the ever-changing needs and continuing growth of the Commission.

Medical Offices Planning
Location: 1915 Welsh Rd., Philadelphia, PA
Client: George Weber, D.O.
Completion Date: 1995
Notes: CT&C was hired to design a new medical office to be located in a historic building in Bustleton. Plans included zoning, parking and design for future expansion at the rear of the property.

West Philadelphia Collaborative for Child Health
Location: Shaw Middle School, West Philadelphia
Client: Children's Hospital
Contact: No Longer Available
Completion Date: 1993
Notes: CT&C served as architect for planning, design, bidding and construction phase services for a satellite center of the "Keeping Teens Healthy" program which allows young mothers to stay in school while receiving necessary counseling and medical services.

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman
Location: Tyler State Park
Client: Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman
Contact: The Guild
Completion Date: 1992
Notes: Volunteers completed the 1st phase of the project, while CT&C was hired to complete phases 2 and 3. CT&C completed schematic plans, cost studies and promotional materials for the renovation of the State Crafts Center at Tyler State Park.

1234 Locust Street
Location: 1234 Locust St., Philadelphia PA
Client: Factor & McCabe
Contact: No longer available
Completion Date: 1988
Notes: This impressive Colonial Revival office building was completely rehabilitated following the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation, so that the project qualified for historic tax credits.

Center City Law Offices
Location: 8 Penn Center, 17th Flr., Philadelphia PA
Client: Shrager, McDaid, Loftus & Flum
Contact: No longer available
Completion Date: 1988
Notes: We designed the interior fit-out to accommodate lawyers' offices, legal and medical libraries and associated support areas. Because of the depth of the building, many areas of the space were far from natural light. Our design effort focused on minimizing this disadvantage by the use of interior windows and electric "skylights".

International Offices
Location: 3600 Market St., Philadelphia PA
Client: Society of Industrial Applied Mathematics
Contact: Robert Bellace, 215-382-9800
Completion Date: 1988
Notes: CT&C designed the 15,000 square foot office condominium to accommodate 11 executive offices, 53 staff workstations, conference rooms, computer room, staff dining and kitchen facilities.

Dr. Harry Frankel
Location: 2028 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Dr. Harry Frankel
Contact: Dr. Harry Frankel 215-988-0431
Completion Date: 1986
Notes: CT&C was hired to plan and design new medical offices for a family practitioner and fellow associates.

Harleysville Medical Associates
Location: Harleysville, PA
Client: Harleysville Medical Associates
Contact: No Longer Available
Completion Date: 1985
Notes: CT&C was architect through all phases - zoning, design of a new medical office building, bidding and construction. This practice of three physicians included exam and conference rooms for a general medical practice, a drug studies area, a laboratory and future expansion space.

Western Day Care
Location: 1613 South St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Western Soup Society
Contact: James Stevens
Completion Date: 1979
Notes: CT&C was hired to consult on the installation of new windows and the removal of lead paint for an existing day care and after school facility.