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Partial residential project list


Campbell Thomas & Company

Significant Residential Projects

Diamond Street Neighborhood Revitalization
Location: 1745, 1825-31 Diamond St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Advocate Community Development Corp.
Contact: Joanne Jackson, Exec. Dir., 215-765-3650
Completion Date: Est. 2004
Notes: CT&C was retained to provide historic preservation planning and limited architectural services involving the conversion of these abandoned buildings, once home to Philadelphia's nouveau riche during the expansive era of the post Civil War-Industrialization. The highly ornate buildings of 1825-31 Diamond Street were originally designed by Angus Wade, who was known for his use of an eclectic mix of Gothic, Moorish and Romanesque architectural characteristics. Upon ACDC's acquisition of additional funds, CT&C will design 16 apartments with first floor handicapped accessible units in these 1800 block buildings.

United States Naval Home
Location: Grays Ferry Rd & Bainbridge St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Toll Brothers, Inc.
Contact: Paul Commito, Dir. Of Acquistions & Development, 215-938-8259
Completion Date: 2004
Notes: After a devastating roof fire at Biddle Hall, as the main building at the US Naval Home is named, CT&C was hired by Toll Brothers as a preservation consultant. Our first goal was to research the numerous roof alterations since 1827 and determine which period best represents the roof-line. This chosen period will then be used as model for the roof rehabilitation. The next phase involved the careful removal of the remaining pieces of the fire devastated roof for the reuse of these pieces or casting new pieces from them. With the building now being exposed to the elements, the reconstruction of the roof must be done in a timely but historically appropriate manner. All steps are being carefully monitored and approved by PHMC, NPS, and PHC, in addition to following current zoning and building codes.

13th Street Corridor Urban Revitalization
Location: 12th & 13Th Sts, Chestnut, Walnut, Passyunk, & Fairmount Sts. vicinity, Phila., PA
Client: Goldman Properties
Contact: Don Meginley, 215-735-2955
Completion Date: 2002-3
Notes: Specializing in urban neighborhood revitalization, Goldman Properties of New York City is redeveloping several abandoned storefront buildings mostly within the Chestnut through Walnut Streets area along 13th Street. CT&C was hired to assist with the design of various restaurants, retail shops and upper story residential apartments. Many of the buildings retain or are in keeping with their original storefront facades. These previously abandoned eye sores once again offer a long lost vitality to the area, as well as offer a safe connection route from the Market Street/Convention Center area to the revitalized Walnut Street restaurant and retail zone.

Parkside Redevelopment
Location: 4104-6, 4202, 4208-10,4216-18,4222, 4238, 4240-44 Parkside Ave., Philadelphia PA
Client: 1260 Housing Development Corp.
Contact: Walt Kubiak, 215-557-8484ext3201
Completion Date: 2003
Notes: Continuing with the Parkside Neighborhood Rehabilitation, 1260 Housing Development Corporation has retained CT&C to do historical preservation planning and limited architectural services for the above-mentioned buildings. German brewers, including Frederick Poth, originally constructed these buildings as private townhouses for rent. Although each of these buildings was divided into multi-family housing in the 1940's, 1260 Housing Development Corp. will rehabilitate the existing exterior and interior historic features of the late 1800's with the use of historic tax credits. The rehabilitated units will then be rented to people with special needs.

1920 Loft Apartments & Retail
Location: 1920 Chestnut St., Philadelphia PA
Client: Case Investments, Inc.
Contact: Nicholas Renzi, III, 856-802-1301
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: Located in the Center City West Commercial Historic District, this Beaux Arts style building was constructed in the late 1890's as an addition to the Aldine Hotel. In the 1930's the building was refaced at the first and second floors and converted into an office building and sales floor for a Frigidaire Representative. CT&C was hired to transform the interior of this mostly vacant office building into a restaurant, office spaces and 18 loft type apartments. The 1930's two-story façade and the upper Beaux Arts exterior was retained and cleaned in accordance with the Philadelphia preservation ordinance.

East Spring Avenue Affordable Housing
Location: Spring Ave & Simpson Rd, Ardmore, PA
Client: Lower Merion Development Corporation
Contact: Thelma Jacks 610-667-2668
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: CT&C was retained to design 12 new units of affordable housing that will fit within an existing 100 year old neighborhood. In Phase One, eight units were designed and constructed as lease/purchase townhouses. Phase Two will include four units with one that is ADA compliant for accessibility.

1714 Sansom Street
Location: 1714 Sansom St., Philadelphia PA
Client: Eugene Martin, Jr.
Contact: Eugene Martin, Jr. 215-222-4449
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: Sitting within the Center City West Commercial Historic District, 1714 Sansom Street's upper floors had been vacant for quite some time- typical of so many other center city buildings that occupy only the 1st floor for commercial use. Gene Martin hired CT&C to provide architectural and historic preservation planning services for this c. 1896 building. CT&C transformed the vacant 2nd and 3rd floors into a bi-level 2 bedroom apartment with a 3rd floor rear deck, while complying to the Secretary of Interior Standards for a 20% Historic Preservation Tax Credit.

Ursula Hobson-Fine Art Framing Shop, Gallery & Apartment Renovations
Location: 1600 Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA
Client: Ursula Hobson
Contact: Ursula Hobson, 215-546-7889
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: Having purchased and painstakingly renovated the deteriorating Pharmacy along with its upper apartments in 1998, Ursula Hobson was unaware of the 20% Federal historic preservation tax credit administered by the National Park Service for renovations to historic buildings that are 50 years or more old. The renovations included the transformation into a 1st floor art frame shop, a 2nd floor Gallery and 3rd and 4th floor apartments. Although the renovations were completed two years ago, the IRS allows 3 years from the time a return is filed to claim a credit. As a result, Ursula Hobson hired CT&C to complete the required historic preservation certification application for approval from the SHPO and the NPS. Since the client had taken photos prior to the renovations, carefully documented the progress of the renovations and had to acquire exterior renovation approvals from the Philadelphia Historical Commission, the application process could be completed according to Federal regulations.

Yeadon Plan
Location: 420 Arbor Rd. & 709 Redwood Ave., Yeadon, PA
Client: Borough of Yeadon.
Contact: Chris VandeVelde, Borough Manager, 610-284-3115
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: CT&C performed preliminary evaluations of currently vacant unsafe, uninhabitable properties to determine the practicality of restoring the buildings or if demolition of the foundation and reconstruction (similar in design and appearance) would be more cost effective solution. The structure at 420 Arbor Rd is a two story half of a twin built in the mid 1900's and the other structure is a two and a half story half of a twin built in the late 19th c. and has interior fire destruction.

2432 W. Lehigh Street
Location: 2432 W. Lehigh St., Philadelphia Client: 1260 Housing Development Corp.
Contact: Walt Kubiak, 215-557-8484ext3201 00
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: 1260 Housing Development Corp. hired CT&C to assist them with converting this Church structure into a safe haven for homeless men. CT&C designed the first floor to house showers, lockers, and beds for approximately 25 men. The second floor was designed to accommodate living/eating facilities. No changes were made to the auditorium on the third floor, which continues to accommodate community events and programs.

Convent/School Conversion to Condominiums
Location: 900 E. Moyamensing St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Alan Hunter
Contact: Alan Hunter. 215-463-0202
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: As a resident of the Queen Village Neighborhood, Alan Hunter was concerned about the possible purchase and inappropriate development of the neighboring vacant convent and school. As a result, he purchased the buildings with plans to convert them into aesthetically pleasing condominiums with little alterations to the exterior of the buildings. The convent became his home, and he hired CT&C to do site planning and preliminary design for the school building. The proposed design included subdividing the school for condo type ownership into 4-6 residences with individual entrances, on site parking, private outdoor space, and adding two rental units on the upper 2 floors of the convent with separate entrances through the school. The basement and the fire tower were designed to offer differing office space options for both Alan and his wife.

Location: 2226 Lombard St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Bernie & Rose Ingster
Contact: Bernie Ingster, 215-732-5625
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: CT&C provided architectural services for modifications which included repair to the minor deterioration of window sills, at the rear wall.

Sorlien Residence-Alterations
Location: 1010 Drye St., Philadelphia, PA
Contact: Sara Fisher & Eric Sorlien, 215-627-0362
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: CT&C performed a feasibility analysis, and provided preliminary design and planning services for a new addition to the Sorlien residence. The design included the introduction of solar heating and electric generation along with accessible features within the 1st floor, in particularly the bathroom.

Stitt Residence-Addition
Location: Hungars Beach Rd, Eastville, VA
Client: Susan Stitt
Contact: Mrs. Stitt 757-678-5615
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: After combining households with her mother, Susan Stitt hired CT&C to provide limited architectural services for the design and construction of an addition and alterations to the existing Stitt residence. CT&C merged with the west end of existing house a compatible addition, featuring a 2 car garage, living space, and a roof deck offering spectacular views of the Chesapeake.

Thorton Residence-Renovations
Location: 1620 Monk Rd., Gladwyn PA
Client: Mr. & Mrs. Thorton
Contact: Mr. & Mrs. Thorton, 610-642-4607
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: The Thortons hired CT&C to sketch alternatives and complete as-built drawings for their proposed house renovations to the master bedroom and the breakfast area. The expanded breakfast area would incorporate a fireplace complete with a brick oven.

Bethesda Christian Street
Location: 19th & Christian Sts., Philadelphia, PA
Client: Bethesda Project
Contact: Tony Midwood, Acting Executive Director
Completion Date: 1999
Notes: CT&C served as architect for the Bethesda Project to renovate a chapel dormitory into 3 bedrooms, along with renovations to a kitchen, lounge and common room. This building now serves as a shelter for low income, formerly homeless, and those potentially with AIDS.

The Brentwood II Apartments
Location: 4142-44 Parkside Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Brentwood II Associates and Parkside Historic Preservation Inc.
Contact: James L. Brown IV, Parkside Historic Preservation Corp., 215-473-4900
Completion Date: 1999
Notes: Located in the Parkside National Historic District, this German Baroque Revival twin house contributes to a row of grand structures standing across from Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park. In danger of collapse after years of neglect, the building has been rehabilitated into 16 affordable housing units using historic and low income housing tax credits. Incorporated into the design were energy efficient improvements. This transformation is yet another example of the developer's persistent rehabilitation of returning Parkside Avenue to its original grandeur.

Ludlow Village
Location: 1600 Block North 8th Street through 1600 Block North Franklin Street, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Ludlow Community Association of Philadelphia, Inc.
Contact: Marvin Louis, 215-232-1615
Completion Date: 3 Phases-1992, 1996, and 1999
Notes: This project involved the construction of twenty-three new homes for the Home Ownership Program in West Ludlow Community. CT&C prepared architectural plans for three and four bedroom single family homes designed to accommodate families of three to six in size and have multiple options to accommodate family growth and change.

Marlton Avenue Apartments
Location: 1721-31 Marlton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Marlton Housing Partnership and We The People With AIDS
Contact: James L. Brown IV, Parkside Historic Preservation Corp., 215-473-4900
Completion Date: 1999
Notes: Located in the Parkside National Historic District, these six severely deteriorated three story German Baroque Revival structures, have been rehabilitated into 25 affordable housing units for people with AIDS. The interiors of these six buildings have been arranged into three apartment buildings, which also include offices and a community meeting room at the first floor and laundry facilities in the basement.

My Brothers House
Location: 609 S. 15th St, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Bethesda Project
Contact: Tony Midwood, Acting Executive Director
Completion Date: 1998
Notes: The Bethesda Project hired CT&C to serve as the architect for the planning, design, bidding, and construction phases for the renovation of a two story brick building. The second floor was altered to include four bedrooms and nurse and staff rooms for a Safe Shelter Program focused on low income and formerly homeless people.

Tenth Memorial New Sales Homes
Location: 19th and Master Sts, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Tenth Memorial Local Development Corporation
Contact: Rev. William Moore, 215-787-2780
Completion Date: 1998
Notes: CT&C designed ten new twin homes, including one fully accessible unit contributing to the Cecil B. Moore Area revitalization. These for-purchase homes feature three bedrooms with multiple options to accommodate family growth and change; they also include driveway parking and backyards.

Walnut Street Apartments
Location: 1324 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Client: 1260 Housing Development Corp.
Contact: Connie Ulrich-Martin, 215-557-8484ext3204
Completion Date: 1998
Notes: CT&C was hired to assist 1260 Housing Corp. with the Historic Preservation Tax Credits, since the building does contribute to the Center City East Commercial Historic District. During construction, CT&C guided 1260 Housing Corp. in maintaining the proper restoration- in keeping with the Secretary of Interior Standards -of the original exterior elements. The original interior offices of the building have been reconfigured to provide 15 one-bedroom apartments for persons of special needs.

13 St. Asaphs Road Elderly Housing
Location: 13 St. Asaphs Road, Bala Cynwyd, PA
Client: Lower Merion Affordable Housing Corporation
Contact: Thelma Jacks, Executive Director, 610-667-2668
Completion Date: 1996
Notes: CT&C was hired by LMAHC to produce creative affordable housing for the elderly in an aesthetically pleasing historic building, which would remain in keeping with its surrounding area. In this conversion, the 1920's Colonial Revival single-family home's exterior appears virtually unchanged, structurally; while the interior creatively accommodates five accessible/adaptable one-bedroom units for the elderly and a four bedroom family unit for a live-in caretaker.

The Brentwood Apartments
Location: 4120-40 Parkside Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Brentwood/Parkside Associates
Contact: James L. Brown IV, Parkside Historic Preservation Corp., 215-473-4900
Completion Date: 1996
Notes: Located in the Parkside National Historic District, this group of German Baroque Revival structures was one of the grandest in Philadelphia. Partially collapsed after years of neglect, CT&C provided the design that helped preserve and successfully restore the building. The building was rehabilitated with energy efficient improvements for affordable housing using historic and low income housing tax credits.

Saint James Condominium
Location: 336 South Bellevue Avenue, Langhorne, PA
Client: St. James Housing Development Corporation
Contact: Rev. Lloyd Winter, 215-757-3766
Completion Date: 1996
Notes: This Victorian rectory was converted into two separate condominium units, each with its own porch and outside entrance. CT&C incorporated into the design energy efficient improvements, while at the same time retaining interior and exterior historical features by following both the State and Local guidelines for historically certified structures.

The Brantwood Apartments
Location: 4150-2 Parkside Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Parkside Historic Preservation Corporation & Philadelphia Health Management Corp.
Contact: James L. Brown IV, PHPC, 215-473-4900
Completion Date: 1994
Notes: Located in the Parkside National Historic District, this German Baroque Revival structure serves as a reminder of the prominent German Brewers who developed this area. In danger of collapse after years of neglect, the building has been rehabilitated as transitional housing for single parents using historic and low income housing tax credits.

4234 Parkside Avenue
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Parkside Historic Preservation Corporation
Contact: James L. Brown IV, 215-473-4900
Completion Date: 1993
Notes: This historic townhouse which lies in a National Historic District was converted into three affordable apartments through preservation, restoration, and revitalization.

Bethesda Broad Street Residence
Location: Broad & Brown Streets, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Bethesda Project
Contact: Joseph Ferry, 215-985-1600
Completion Date: 1992
Notes: This study was to determine reusability of a commercial building. Each floor of this former automobile showroom and service building was redesigned to be a separate "household" for 11 formerly homeless persons. Each household included sleeping rooms and group living, dining, and kitchen facilities.

Bancroft Apartments
Location: 1604 Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Octavia Hill Association & C.O.L.T. Coalition
Contact: Robert Kaufman, 215-925-5862
Completion Date: 1991
Notes: This is Philadelphia's first duplex modular housing undertaking, consisting of 32 buildings, a community garden and sitting area, and private street. CT&C worked closely with adjoining property owners and neighbors to provide housing similar to the neighboring townhouse communities. The design allowed for future conversion to owner occupied duplex units or for conversion to a cooperatively owned apartment complex.

Gratz Street Housing
Location: 1500 Block North Gratz Street, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Enterprise Gratz Street Housing Corporation and National Temple Non-Profit Corportation
Contact: Paul McDonald, J.J. DeLuca Co., 610-995-9440
Completion Date: 1991
Notes: CT&C converted these vacant shells, once grand twin houses originally constructed as Centennial Row in 1874, into an entire city block of 1 and 2 family dwellings. All were given private entrances, several of which are handicapped accessible. Privately owned buildings within the block received the same exterior treatment as the adjacent renovated shells.

Nehemiah Housing Opportunity Grant
Location: North Central Phila. between Broad and 20th Streets, Girard and Cecil B. Moore Aves. Client: National Temple Non-Profit Corporation
Completion Date: 1991
Notes: Campbell Thomas & Co. was instrumental in helping National Temple prepare an award winning proposal for neighborhood revitalization that garnered the non-profit group funding commitments totaling over $27 million. CT&C designed a dozen new and modular infill units constructed in 1991.

Hill Café Apartments
Location: 1249-55 Martin Luther King Blvd., Harrisburg, PA
Client: Hill Cafe Partners
Contact: Alan H. Klein, 215-471-3339
Completion Date: 1990
Notes: CT&C redesigned these historic commercial properties to house eighteen new apartments. To complete the project, low income and historic tax credits were used for the renovation.

The Wissahickon
Location: 5200 Block Schuyler Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Rouse Urban Housing, Inc.
Contact: No longer available.
Completion Date: 1990
Notes: CT&C studied this historic Hotel and Apartment complex. The end product of the study was that the building was converted into 52 modern apartments. CT&C expanded the structure by making use of the formerly unused attic to increase the net rentable area and increase the rentability of the units.

Madison Court
Location: 4th & Poplar Sts, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Rouse Urban Housing, Inc.
Contact: Roy Diamond, 215-732-3600
Completion Date: 1988
Notes: CT&C designed 32 units of prefabricated modular housing units set on a former industrial site. The new houses harmonize with the surrounding houses but do not replicate them.

Self Help House
Location: 1634 W. Master St, Philadelphia, PA
Client: National Temple Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Contact: James DeLuca, J.J. DeLuca Co., 610-995-9440
Completion Date: 1988
Notes: A Victorian schoolhouse was modernized and converted into affordable housing for 25 formerly homeless persons. Individual sleeping rooms were organized around common living spaces on each floor.

Transition to Independent Living
Location: 46th & Spruce Sts, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Transition to Independent Living
Contact: Alan Klein, 215-471-3339
Completion Date: 1988
Notes: This former supermarket was converted into an eleven unit residential skills center for disabled persons recently discharged from rehabilitation hospitals.

Waller House
Location: 1437-9 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: National Temple Non-Profit Housing Corp.
Contact: James DeLuca, J.J. DeLuca Co., 610-995-9440
Completion Date: 1988
Notes: Two adjacent Victorian Mansions were converted into low income apartment units utilizing historic preservation tax credits.

St. Peters Episcopal Church
Location: Wayne & Harvey Strs, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Rouse Urban Housing
Contact: Roy Diamond, 215-567-6196
Completion Date: 1986
Notes: Originally designed by noted Victorian architect Frank Furness, this historically certified structure showed the first signs of vandalism prior to this adaptive reuse. CT&C converted this former rectory into 8 units of shared housing, while abiding by the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Tax credit benefits. The Church negotiated a long-term lease with the developer for this reuse.

Solar Townhouses
Location:1500-44 W. Thompson St., Philadelphia, PA
Client: National Temple Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Contact: Roy Diamond, 215-732-3600
Completion Date: 1984
Notes: Built at a cost of traditional moderate income housing, these passive solar houses incorporate trombe walls and other low tech design ideas to reduce utility costs to one fourth of similarly sized conventional housing