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Loudoun Mansion


4650 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA


City of Philadelphia
Fairmount Park Commission, Memorial Hall, West Park, Philadelphia, PA


Fairmount Park Historic
Preservation Trust
City of Philadelphia
Capital Improvements


project description


Complete Restoration of an Historic Mansion Museum

The first section of Loudoun Mansion was constructed between 1796 and 1801 originally for Thomas Wright Armat. The building was constructed at the top of Naglee Hill in lower Germantown so that Mr. Armat, a Philadelphia merchant, could see if his ships had come into port. Over the years, the owners subsequently added on to the house, thus creating a more elaborate structure. Mr. Armatís granddaughter, Anna, married into the Logan family and Loudoun remained in the possession of the Logan family until 1939 when it was willed to the City.

Loudoun remains as one of the most impressive Federal houses in Germantown, and at one time contained the most complete collection of family furnishings within five generations. Unfortunately, in the early summer of 1993, lightning struck Loudoun which sparked a fire that substantially damaged the building and its contents.

Campbell Thomas & Co. was immediately retained to develop an emergency stabilization plan and a restoration documentation plan for the building. The restoration plans include incorporating an interior caretakerís unit and improved handicap access to the building. Also included in the plan is the construction of fully accessible toilet facilities for the building and grounds.