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Significant Bicycle Transportation, Trail and Greenway Projects

Lower Merion Township Wide Trail Feasibility Study
Location: Lower Merion Twp.
Client: Lower Merion Twp.
Contact: Lindsay Taylor, Dir. Of Recreation, 610-645-6188
Completion Date: 2004
Notes: CT&C in association with The RBA Group, have been hired by Lower Merion Township to develop a feasibility plan of a township-wide system. The trail would benefit walkers, cyclists, hikers and bladers and utilize existing streets and sidewalks. A service of public meetings will allow the team to determine "problem areas" and offer solutions to these areas. The following areas will be addressed in the study:
1) Existing physical conditions within the trail system that determines potential trail locations and any alternative routes within municipalities
2) Land ownership patterns in the area. Potential legal challenges or questionable title that would affect trail development within the Township.
3) Various types of trails: Widened shoulders, share the road, separated paths, sidewalks, multi-use, rails-trails/rails with trails
4) Parks, schools, neighborhood, historic and cultural linkages/education opportunities that may be possible with trail development
5) Possible connections to neighboring municipalities for both recreational and commuter use by residents and employees
6) Linkages and coordination with proposed and/or existing trails such as the Valley Forge Trail.

Chester Valley Trail Extension
Location: Montgomery Co, PA
Client: Montgomery Planning Commission
Contact: John Wood, 610-278-3736
Completion Date: 2004
Notes: CTC teamed with the RBA Group to interpret an attractive non-motorized transportation route in and between numerous residential, commercial and institutional sites between King of Prussia and Norristown. The route follows the line of settlement in the Valley originally served by Sweedsford Road and subsequently the railroad and finally the Route 202 and Schuylkill Expressways. Incorporated are links to the Philadelphia - Valley Forge Trail at Norristown and the Chester Valley Trail at King of Prussia, which enhance the importance of the trail.

Radnor Multi-Purpose Trail
Location: Radnor Twp, Delaware Co., PA
Client: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Contact: Michael Girman, Project Manager, PennDOT District 6-0, 610-205-6700/6856
Completion Date: 2004
Notes: We are currently the lead design consultant for the conversion of the abandoned Stratford Branch of the former Philadelphia & Western RR to trail use. This project has been the subject of considerable controversy. In addition to our planning, design and construction services, we are facilitating numerous public and individual citizen meetings to develop the most appropriate design to link residential, cultural and commercial sites within a township with mostly narrow roads and ever-growing motor vehicle traffic.

Perkiomen Trail
Location: Schuylkill River to Green Lane Montgomery County
Client: Montgomery Co. Planning Commission
Contact: John Wood, 610-278-3736
Completion Date: 2003
Notes: The overall purpose of the project is to finalize alignment and design and build a multipurpose trail along the Perkiomen Creek in Montgomery County. The County developed a preliminary alignment of an approximately 21 mile-long trail located on a combination of abandoned rail corridor, park land, and public streets through several small towns. The County Department of Parks built the trail so far using county resources and staff. CT&C assisted the County in finalizing the alignment, designed the trail, and provided consultation during construction. To date 19.5 miles of Phase I & II are complete. By the Fall of 2003, Phase III, the final 2.5 miles should be completed.

Schuylkill River Valley Trail Extension - Phase 5
Location: Montgomery County, PA
Client: Montgomery Co. Planning Commission
Contact: John Wood, 610-278-3736
Completion Date: 2003
Notes: The trail is proposed to utilize the vacant railbed between Betzwood and Perkiomen Creek, as well as the existing towpath of the Schuylkill Canal between Longford Rd. and Route 29. Although hikers and cyclists have been using the towpath, the surrounding community is concerned about the improvement of the path with inappropriate surfacing and increased traffic. CTC will be sensitive the community's needs and suggest the use of existing streets and roads to mitigate congestion. The trail will offer residents of Montgomery County alternative transportation routes for work and recreation, and will link to the Philadelphia Valley Forge Trail.

Chester Valley Trail
Location: Chester & Montgomery Counties, PA
Client: Parks & Recreation Dept. of Chester Co.
Contact: Bob Folwell, 610-344-6415
Completion Date: 2003
Notes: CT&C has teamed with The RBA Group to provide a trail alternative for travel between all points in Chester County. The team will draw on the beauty that still lines the abandoned Chester Valley rail line between King of Prussia and the Downingtown area. Links to Philadelphia-Valley Forge Trail at Norristown and the Struble Trail at Downingtown will enhance the importance of the Trail.

Darby Creek Rivers Conservation Plan
Location: Darby Creek Watershed
Client Darby Creek Valley Association
Contact: Anne Ackerman, 610-789-1814
Completion Date: 2003
Notes: CT&C assisted Cahill Associates with addressing environmental issues critical in a largely urbanized watershed - from flooding and pollution to loss of aesthetic character and stream accessibility. CT&C emphasized on the importance of educating the residents and municipalities of the existing unrecognized and unlinked historical and cultural resources that tell the story of the historical development of the Darby Creek Watershed. Additionally, CT&C stressed the importance of improving existing trails, linking with new trail sections, and promoting such a trail system would immeasurably increase the public's awareness, protection and enhancement of the Creek and its watershed.

East Coast Greenway Cecil & New Castle Counties
Location: Cecil & New Castle Counties
Contact: Heather Ehrich, 302-737-6205
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: Team CT&C and Urban Engineers have been involved in the East Coast Greenway for several years now either as consultants, or as advocates. Previously having performed field research and mapped routes for the East Coast Bicycle Trail through northern Delaware and Maryland, the team proposed concepts for Cecil and New Castle County sections that included: Links to towns, Economic Revitalization, Solving the Fragmentation of Open Space, Links to the Regional Trail and Transportation Network, Links to Historic and Cultural Resources & The Creation of a "Continuously Interesting Environment.

Fairmount Park Boxer Trail
Location: Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Natural Lands Restoration & Environmental Education Program
Contact: Mark Focht, ASLA, Natural Lands Restoration Manager, 215-685-0274
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: CT&C teamed with Andropogon Associates to assist with the design of a portion of the Boxer Trail in East Fairmount Park. The proposed section is approximately 1.5miles in length. The trail was designed for shared use -pedestrians and equestrians -with unpaved areas where the trail enters the wooded areas of the park. ADA guidelines for trail development were used as a basis of design with exception of the steps at Strawberry Mansion. The steps were carefully repaired in keeping with the original historical design and context. Directional and identification signs were also included in the design plan.

Center City Bicycle Facilities
Location: Central Philadelphia, PA
Client: Central Philadelphia Transportation Mgmt. Assoc. (CPTMA)
Contact: Tanya Seaman (now at PhillyCarShare), 215-386-0988
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: CPTMA retained CT&C to determine the feasibility of establishing one or more bicycle facilities in Center City, btw. Spring Garden and South Streets and from the Delaware to the Schuylkill River. These facilities would provide secure bicycle parking and other possible amenities to make bicycle commuting to Center City easier and more comfortable. Recreational bicyclists could also safely park their bikes to enjoy the city's many attractions and amenities on foot. CT&C also researched additional services such as bicycle repair and maintenance while-you-wait, and concierge service while-you-work; public transit and bicycle route maps; bicycle rentals; and establishing other compliment businesses, such as coffee shops, to serve as an additional security feature.

Marcus Hook Streetscape Project
Location: Route 13 & Route 452
Client: Borough of Marcus Hook
Contact: Bruce Dorbian, Borough Manager, 610-485-1341
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: CT&C in association with Andropogon Associates, Ltd. were retained to develop corridor improvement options for Routes 13 and 452. The team analyzed existing physical conditions, land ownership patterns, existing landscaping requiring improvements or replacements, traffic volumes and demand approximations, historic and cultural linkages and educational opportunities, and linkages and coordination with East Coast Greenway segments in New Castle County, Trainer Borough and the remaining Delaware County Route 13 and 291 corridor.

Tinicum/Fort Mifflin Corridor Study
Location: Philadelphia & Delaware Co., PA
Client: National Park Service & Fort Mifflin-on-the-Delaware
Contact: Julia Bell, Planner NPS, 215-597-6473
Completion Date: 2002
Notes: This planning project, which includes brownfields and a highly industrial area, is an extension of the Schuylkill River Greenway. Within this urban and industrialized area exist several hidden treasures to which CT&C helped plan the reconnection of residents and visitors to nature and their heritage, and provided the opportunity to make Philadelphia's urban environment cleaner and greener.

Chester Creek Branch Rail-Trail
Location: Chester Creek Branch
Client: Friends of Chester Creek Branch Rail-Trail
Contact: Michael Fusco, 610-558-1262
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: Early in 2001, a developer requested to utilize a portion of the Chester Creek Branch right-of-way to allow the construction of an access road to a new subdivision. As a result, the Friends of Chester Creek Branch Rail-Trail commissioned CT&C to evaluate the impact on trail development and future rail-banking. Additionally, CT&C was asked to prepare a cost estimate of trail development adjacent to the developer's property.

Fairmount Park Trail Master Plan
Location: Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Natural Lands Restoration & Environmental Education Program.
Contact: Nancy Goldenberg, 215-685-0279
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: CT&C teamed with Andropogon Associates to provide a trail master plan for Cobbs Creek, East and West Fairmount, Tacony, Pennypack and Poquessing Creek Parks. The team's plan includes revealing and protecting the natural and cultural treasures of these parks and making them desirable places to visit with an enhanced trail system. Additionally, the team showed existing links through which the park trail systems are connected to the surrounding communities and public transportation networks.

Germantown Avenue Bridge Bike Lane
Location: Germantown Avenue over Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia, PA
Client: Philadelphia Department of Streets
Contact: Joseph Syrnick, PE, PLS, 215-686-5537
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: The Philadelphia Department of Streets hired CT&C as a consultant to attend community meetings and offer insights, relying on our experience as experts in historic preservation and community and transportation planning. The design solution had to best meet both the technical requirements for the proposed bridge renovations, as well as the community concerns.

North Delaware Riverfront Redevelopment Plan
Location: North Delaware Riverfront
Client: Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Contact: David Baldinger, Deputy Director 215-683-4602
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: This planning initiative is to assess the potential to transform portions of the riverfront no longer required for industrial use into mixed-use communities. CT&C teamed with Urban Engineers, Inc. to provide a preliminary design and cost estimate of a new recreation/bicycle trail. The trail would parallel the Delaware riverfront between Rhawn and Linden Streets from the mouth of the Pennypack Park to Pleasant Hill Park and then to the Pennypack Park Trail west of I-95.

Reading & Columbia Greenway Master Plan
Location: Borough of Columbia, PA
Client: The Columbia Downtown Development Corporation
Contact: Michael Stark, 717-684-8864
Completion Date: 2001
Notes: CT&C teamed with The RBA Group to prepare a master plan for the development and maintenance of a multi-use greenway and linear trail along the de-activated Reading & Columbia Railroad Line and the Shawnee Run. Also included was the framework of an interpretive scheme for the history of the railroad and adjacent historic resources and development of an environmental education program relative to natural resources present within the corridor.

Kensington & Tacony Branch
Location: Northeast Philadelphia, PA
Client: Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
Contact: Edward Duffy, Vice President, Project Planning, 215-496-8172
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: CT&C teamed with Urban Engineers, Inc. to study the possibility of restoring rail freight service and establishing a recreational trail on the Kensington and Tacony Branch right-of-way in Northeast Philadelphia. This revitalization will benefit the business community in addition to the residents and visitors to Philadelphia.

City Wide Bicycle Network
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Philadelphia Department of Streets
Contact: Tom Branigan, 215-686-5181
Completion Date: 2000
Notes: CT&C teamed with the RBA Group to create a citywide system of routes and safe parking to the gaps in the existing partial network.

Botanic Trail Pre-Development Grant
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Historic Bartram's Garden
Contact: Martha Leigh Wolf, Executive Director, 215-729-5281
Completion Date: 1999
Notes: Following completion of our 1995 trail development study, we assisted our client and their development consultant in obtaining a grant from the William Penn Foundation to begin negotiations with property owners and stakeholders. As project managers, we gave overall direction to the project, and directed the activities of two trail developers hired by Bartram's. We assisted with obtaining grant funds for 1998, and then helped apply for full funding from "NEXTEA."

Manayunk Recreation Master Plan
Location: Manayunk, PA
Client: Manayunk Development Corp.
Contact: Kay Smith, Executive Director, Manayunk Development Corp., 215-487-3037ext203
Completion Date: 1999
Notes: CT&C and South Street Design combined their planning skills to plan the redevelopment of Manayunk's past industrial Venice Island. The plan involved recreational opportunities and activities that will enable the neighborhood residents and regional users to experience Manayunk's unique integration of natural and cultural resources.

Wissahickon Riparian Restoration Trail Link
Location: Philadelphia & Montgomery Co.'s, PA
Client: The Morris Arboretum
Contact: Joy Lawrence 215-247-5777
Completion Date: 1998
Notes: Proposing a multi-use trail that would direct cyclists away from the Wissahickon's streambank, which will only offer a walking trail as a solution to mitigate the impact of the current trail system. The multi-use trail is planned from Northwestern Ave. to the Cross Country Trail on Stenton Ave., which would complete the multi-use trail connection from Forbidden Drive in Fairmount Park to the Montgomery Co. and Fort Washington State Park trail systems.

Fairmount Park Bikeway and Rail Trail
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Fairmount Park Commission
Contact: William Mifflin, Executive Director, Fairmount Park Commission, 215-685-0111
Completion Date: 1996
Notes: CT&C served as the lead consultant for a feasibility study for improvements along both the Wissahickon Creek, and the Schuylkill River from East Falls to Shawmont. These enhancements are intended to remove the last sections of the Philadelphia to Valley Forge Bikeway from conflicts with urban traffic.

Botanic Trail Development Study
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Schuylkill River Development Council
Contact: John Randolph, Executive Director, 215-985-9393
Completion Date: 1995
Notes: We studied how a bikeway and Fairmount Park itself might be extended from Central Philadelphia along the lower Schuylkill River to southwest Philadelphia; adjoining the Woodlands Cemetery and Historic Bartram's Garden, both National Historic Landmarks. In addition, we examined potential extensions to the mouth of the Schuylkill River, at Fort Mifflin on the Delaware, as well as related sites for boat docks on this tidewater section of the Schuylkill River.

Philadelphia-Valley Forge Trail, Conshohocken-Valley Forge Sections
Location: Montgomery County, PA
Client: Commissioners of Montgomery County
Contact: John Wood, Director of Open Space Planning, Montgomery Co., PA 610-278-3736
Completion Dates: 1993-4
Notes: We have designed ten miles of bikeway, largely on a former Conrail line, and took an active role in negotiations with a large variety of agencies and property owners. Coordination work included the creation of three new grade crossings to allow the bikeway to pass through industrial areas.

Atglen and Susquehanna Rail Corridor Study
Location: Lancaster County, PA
Client: Lancaster County Planning Commission
Contact: Carter van Dyke, Carter van Dyke Associates, 215-345-5053
Completion Date: 1992
Notes: As rail-trail subconsultants to Carter van Dyke Associates, we analyzed the original ownership of this potential trail to help the county avoid title problems. We also assisted with a circumvention analysis of alternative routes around the very high Martic Forge Bridge. Decisions made in this study helped the County Commissioners decide on whether or not to acquire this right-of-way from Conrail.

Berks County PA Rails-to-Trail Development Study
Location: Berks County, PA
Client: Schuylkill River Greenway Association
Contact: Victor Yarnell, Managing Director, 610-372-3916
Completion Date: 1992
Notes: We completed the analysis and preparation of recommendations for two segments of a former Conrail right-of-way, purchased in 1991 by the Greenway Association. Sub-consulting services were provided by Carter van Dyke Associates of Doylestown, PA. Linkages to other trails were studied along with several property exchanges. The entire 10.5-mile route was mapped on CT&C computer systems to allow for easy updating of data and property management.

Fairmount Park Bikeway Enhancements
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Fairmount Park Commission
Contact: William Mifflin, Executive Director, Fairmount Park Commission, 215-685-0111
Completion Date: 1992
Notes: CT&C successfully assisted Fairmount Park in identifying and applying for funds for new segments, or improvements to portions of the Fairmount Park Bikeway along the Schuylkill River and the Wissahickon Valley in historic and environmentally sensitive areas.

Bloomsburg Bikeway System
Location: Bloomsburg, Columbia Co., PA
Client: Town of Bloomsburg
Contact: Thomas Bafile, PE, Bafile, James and Associates, 717-784-6921
Completion Date: 1990
Notes: This system of bike routes and street improvements links downtown, residential, university and rural areas, and was planned to connect with projected bike routes to adjoining towns. CT&C provided planning and location services to the Town of Bloomsburg, Bafile James and Associates, and the Project Engineer.

Study of Potential Routes for a Bikeway/Pedestrian Trail Between Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Location: Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Client: Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Division of Parks and Recreation
Contact: Carter van Dyke, Carter van Dyke Associates, 215-345-5053
Completion Date: 1990
Notes: As subconsultant to Tatmand and Lee (Project Engineer) and Carter Van Dyke Associates (Landscape Architects), CT&C performed field survey work, and furnished technical advice in the analysis and preparation of a planning report for two recommended corridors for this trail linking two ocean-front communities in southern Delaware.

Radnor Township Bikeway System Study
Location: Radnor Township, Delaware County, PA
Client: Township of Radnor
Contact: No longer available
Completion Date: 1984
Notes: CT&C's work comprised an on-site study and preparation of a planning report discussing alternatives for a cross-township bikeway. Both existing roads and a former trolley line were reviewed.

Williamsport Area Bikeway System
Location: Williamsport PA
Client: City of Williamsport
Contact: Thomas Caramanico, McCormick Taylor and Associates, 215-592-4200
Completion Date: 1984
Notes: This extension of Williamsport's bikeway system provides two routes through both the downtown and residential communities, and links with other bikeways into adjacent townships. As the bicycle transportation sub-consultant to McCormick Taylor and Associates, Inc. (Project Engineers), we were responsible for route location and design review.

Delaware Valley Commuter's Bike Map
Location: Entire Philadelphia Region (PA, NJ and DE)
Client: Greater Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition
Contact: Michael Ontko, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, 215-592-1800
Completion Date: 1982
Notes: CT&C coordinated research of recommended bicycle routes in a ten-county area. We then performed all the graphic work and cartography, as well as obtaining bids for printing services.

Guide to the East Coast Bicycle Trail
Location: Richmond VA to Boston MA
Client: East Coast Bicycle Congress, MD
Contact: No longer available
Completion Date: 1976-1981
Notes: CT&C coordinated research for several recommended long-distance bicycle routes linking the Trans-America Trail at Richmond with major East Coast cities, and then performed all the graphic work and cartography, as well as obtained bids for printing services. The trail is the biker's equivalent to the Appalachian Trail for hikers.

Guide to Bicycle Routes Between Hostels in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Location: Eastern PA and NJ
Client: American Youth Hostels, Delaware Valley Council
Contact: Ann Carroll, former President, Delaware Valley Council, 215-297-8635
Completion Date: 1981
Notes: CT&C coordinated research of recommended long-distance recreational bicycle routes linking hostels and major railroad terminals from Harrisburg, PA to the New Jersey Seashore, and north to the Pocono Mountains. CT&C also performed all the graphic work and cartography, as well as obtained bids for printing services.

Wissahickon Bikeway
Location: Fairmount Park, Philadelphia PA
Client: City of Philadelphia, Fairmount Park Commission
Contact: No longer available
Completion Date: 1980
Notes: As a sub-consultant, CT&C prepared a complete location and design study for this recreational and commuter bikeway through a deep gorge where automobile traffic had overwhelmed a former carriage road. This route now links downtown Philadelphia with Montgomery County via a continuous twelve-mile long bikeway.

Philadelphia-Valley Forge Trail, Spring Mill Section
Location: Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties, PA
Client: Commissioners of Montgomery County
Contact: John Wood, Director of Open Space Planning, Montgomery Co., PA 610-278-3736
Completion Date: 1979
Notes: This innovative bikeway, the first section of the Valley Forge Trail, was built on an active railroad right-of-way where one track had been removed. CT&C was instrumental in negotiating with Conrail, and provided full planning, design, bidding, and construction phase services.

Bicycle Trips in Southeastern Pennsylvania
Location: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties
Client: Department of Community Affairs, PA
Contact: No longer available
Completion Date: 1977
Notes: We researched and test-rode a series of fourteen loop trips, then produced the artwork for a guidebook and series of maps.