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Gaslight Condominiums

A rehab making use of all of its 5 floors and rooftop plus a 2 floor addition above its garage

As with many of Philadelphia’s older buildings the lot is 110 feet deep and long enough to front on two different streets. The back alleyway had a much older feel, housing a one-story garage. CTC was asked to design 3 high end condominiums in the main 4-story building, utilizing the basement for a 5th floor; and to add 2 floors above the rear garage for another condominium unit. The conceptual result was three bi-level units and one single level unit. CTC worked early on with the community and the owner to get the necessary zoning variances and to design shared condominium parking within the existing garage.

A wide rowhouse with the potential of 6,000 square feet of living area provided ample space to renovate it as luxury condominiums with amenities like decks, patios and large kitchens. The building steps back with cascading roof lines and multiple new skylights bringing daylight to the central areas. A combined basement and first floor unit required excavation of the rear area so that it had a sunken light-court and a first floor interconnected vertical atrium. The basement became a habitable additional floor. CTC helped to legalize and gain community acceptance of an already installed rooftop deck which was subsequently rebuilt and modernized. Harkening a different time, gaslights were installed at the entrances from both streets.

The rear garage was an interesting challenge which was originally constructed of brick with a concrete roof. CTC added two additional floors, although at a modest scale. This new unit also has a deck and several skylights with two “Romeo and Juliet” balconies that open from the living room. The garage became a shared space for parking 3 cars with some general storage. A central courtyard that is also lit by gaslight connects to the garage that is accessible by all condominium owners.

A delight to work with, the owner played a central role in his desire for quality that wasn’t skimped. Bathrooms were fitted out with claw foot tubs and classic Philadelphia style tiling. An avid amateur chef, he requested ample kitchens. After the construction, sales and full occupancy were achieved rapidly.

Rear along Percy Street with 2-story addition over garage.
Location:  608 S. 9th Street through to Percy Street, Philadelphia, PA
Funding: Private funding 

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