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Gettysburg Inner Loop - Greenway Master Plan

Images prepared for the Master Plan
N. Washington Street before...
...and after

Pedestrian and bicycle network planning as a tool for revitalizing downtown business districts

HABPI in partnership with Gettysburg Borough raised funds from community supporters to prepare a Master Plan with a goal of promoting and improving the borough’s pedestrian and bicycle network and improving access to the community’s traditional downtown business center. Most towns across the US have suffered from business flight to the suburbs and safe, attractive pedestrian / bicycle systems have often provided a solution. Additional benefits include reduced oil dependency, less air pollution/greenhouse gasses, reverent history access, reduced traffic congestion, tourism promotion, personal health benefits, gasoline cost savings, and simply a better quality of life.

Supporters committing cash and in-kind services included Gettysburg Hospital, Thrivent, Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, Main Street Gettysburg, Gettysburg College, Adams Electric, Healthy Adams County, Adams County Office of Planning and Development, the Rails to Trails Conservancy, South Mountain Partnership, Gettysburg Borough, HAPBI and many private individuals.

Campbell Thomas & Co. was retained as part of the team, led by C.S. Davidson, Inc., to study conditions and develop the Master Plan. The general approach was to map the borough and identify appropriate existing rights of way and corridors that could be improved to form an efficient and safe ped/bike network. Recommended improvements included both aesthetic, such as curbs, pavement and landscaping, and engineered improvements such as safety features and storm-water management. The final plan included narrative recommendations and specifications as well as maps of the proposed network and illustrations of the vision of the future appearance of the community.

Images prepared for the Master Plan
Racehorse Alley before ...
...and after