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530 Spruce Street

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2-Story Addition to Garage

530 Spruce was home to Thomas Sully. Renowned for his paintings including Andrew Jackson’s portrait found on the 20 dollar bill. This project involved three buildings. The homeowners wanted a place for their in-laws to stay while visiting and for a place to park. To accommodate this the adjacent property on Spruce St. was purchased, which came with parking access to its own rear alley garage. Lot lines were redrawn in a zigzag so 530 Spruce was consolidated with the rear adjacent property's garage. The garage was re-designed to shelter two electric cars. The adjacent house was then renovated and sold with its now smaller lot.
The garage walls were unstable and shared walls with neighboring properties. Rather than build on top of the walls, steel columns were added to support two more stories. After zoning and historical approvals the garage had a second floor parent in-law suite built with a third floor roof deck. The deck includes a sheltered outdoor kitchen, retractable sunshade and pergola. This new addition has a separate rear entrance so the historic house on the front-facing Spruce Street now has access to private rooftop entertaining over its rear garage. The garage has an extra wide 18 foot door with a shallow curved brick archway.
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