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Montgomery County Perkiomen Trail

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Long Awaited Completion of a Vital County Bicycle Commuter and Recreational Trail.

Montgomery County Department of Parks proposed to build along the Perkiomen Creek a multi-purpose trail, which would be approximately 21 miles-long located on a combination of abandoned rail corridor, park land, and public streets through several small towns.

The County built the trail using county resources and staff.

CT&C assisted the County in finalizing the alignment, designing the Lower and Upper portions of the trail, and providing consultation during construction.

The trail links with the Schuylkill River Trail at Oaks, providing a continuous 45 mile-long trail between Green Lane in northern Montgomery County, and Philadelphia. Users enjoy not only the natural beauty of the Perkiomen Creek Valley, but the services and historic and cultural sites offered in towns along the way such as Green Lane, Schwenksville, Collegeville.

The Perkiomen Trail takes advantage for much of its length of the former Reading Railroad line between Perkiomen Junction and Green Lane, which once linked Philadelphia with Allentown. Several historic railroad bridges were saved and incorporated into the trail design.
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