Campbell Thomas & Co.

Community & Transportation Planning

Gratz Street Housing, Philadelphia, PA

Revitalization and architectural preservation of an existing neighborhood for affordable housing in North Philadelphia.

When Campbell Thomas & Co. was hired for this project, the 1500 Block of Gratz Street consisted primarily of vacant shells of once grand twin houses, originally constructed as “Centennial Row” in 1874. The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) owned one-third of the structures, and except for two privately owned dwellings, the National Temple Non-Profit Corp. (NTNP) purchased the rest.

CT&C and NTNP decided to reduce the density of the block and develop every building on the block. NTNP developed the PHA homes as well.
The removal of unsafe rear wings of many of the structures turned buildings that once housed 5 or 6 families into 1 or 2 family dwellings. All units were given private entrances, several of which are handicapped accessible. Privately owned buildings received the same exterior treatment as the adjacent renovated shells.

The Gratz Street project; the redevelopment of an entire block of the neighborhood, has become an important anchor for future development in the area.

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