Campbell Thomas & Co.

Community & Transportation Planning

The Radnor Trail

A Community Trail Linking Homes, Schools, Cultural Sites, Parks, Offices and Shops

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An assessment of each municipality’s riverfront access, usage and development opportunities.

Campbell Thomas & Co. served as the lead design consultant for the conversion of the abandoned Strafford Branch of the former Philadelphia & Western Railroad to trail use.

This project spanned 20 years from conception to completion and was the subject of considerable controversy. In addition to our planning, design and construction phase services, CTC facilitated over sixty public and individual citizen meetings to develop the most appropriate trail design to link residential, cultural and commercial areas, as an alternative to the township’s narrow roadways and ever-increasing motor vehicle traffic.

Prior to receiving the go-ahead for design, CTC prepared a feasibility study for approval by PennDOT and the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners. This study documented a plan whereby PennDOT retains ownership of the right-of-way, which had been acquired for a highway that was never constructed.
PennDOT also continues to inspect seven historic steel bridges, while Radnor Township manages the 2.2 mile long trail as part of the overall township park system.

The Radnor Trail runs the length of the township, linking numerous communities, parks, cultural institutions, and commercial areas. Having been completed, it is now tremendously popular and heavily used by Township residents and area hikers / bikers as well. Plans are now underway for an eastward extension to Martha Brown’s Woods and Ithan Village.

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