Campbell Thomas & Co.

Community & Transportation Planning

The Riverfront Plan

Township of Whitemarsh, Borough of Conshohocken

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An assessment of each municipality’s riverfront access, usage and development opportunities.

Campbell Thomas & Co. collaborated with Carter van Dyke Associates, Inc. and 4Ward Planning, Inc. to assess riverfront access, usage and development for the Whitemarsh Township and Conshohocken Borough Riverfront.
The Riverfront Plan builds on nearly 20-years of in-depth analysis and thoughtful contributions of residents, businesses and professional planners who hoped to improve the shared frontage for the Schuylkill River. Through this study the project team and steering committee identified 6 key goals:
1- Improve Access to the Riverfront
2- Connect Our Trails
3- Make Our Riverfront a Destination
4- Meet Our Recreation & Open Space Needs
5- Provide Opportunities for Economic Development
6- Incorporate Sustainable Design Initiatives

After a detailed inventory and analysis and public involvement process, recommendations were made to improve existing land use regulations, to acquire key parcels of real estate, and to create collaborative enterprise districts for the benefit of each community. An Action Plan was included and promotes the joint pursuit of existing public and private grant dollars.
Campbell Thomas & Co. provided detailed planning for existing and proposed trails and parks, ensuring that recommendations promoted and enhanced connections to the Cross-County Trail, Schuylkill River Trail, proposed waking path and river walk, and Spring Mill County Park. Additionally, the plan prioritizes connections within the community and to the SEPTA suburban regional rail system at Spring Mill and Conshohocken stations.

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